Graphic Design

Arranging all the graphic elements in a carefully chosen layout is key for advertising materials in order to boost interest. This involves graphic processing and image cropping operations, font management, vectorization, making compositions or collages, inserting and editing text, as well as adding details or graphic design elements to obtain a representative overview.

Graphic Elements

In most cases, photos and text require processing the original form. Image processing can be simple (adjust and calibrate brightness, crop objects, increase contrast) or complex (tricks, montages, collages). Such graphic processing services are performed with the help of dedicated programs and techniques, generating a coherent ensemble of text and image.


After completing the graphic design, the layout begins. The graphic files resulted from the processing will be delivered at a 1:1 scale or in a vector format that can be enlarged or reduced without losing quality. On request, the files are ready for print (CMYK 300 dpi) or web (RGB 72 dpi).
Execution time depends on complexity of the work and prior made commitments.

Graphic Design - prices

* Prices include photo processing, choosing fonts and colors, arranging the text on the page and the creative process to obtain a unique graphic design, dedicated to the field of activity. You can make 2-3 sets of subsequent changes until the desired result. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the work.